"Adverts of Britain's Yesteryear" is a collection of more than 1600 wonderful, artistic adverts from the era lovingly known as “The Golden Years” a period which was defined by television, consumerism and advertising, this period was of course the 50’s. These works of art were skilfully created by hand and by wonderfully talented artists and illustrators who would have worked tirelessly for hours if not days to achieve the perfect results. These adverts are the products of the 50s school of thought, where, issues that today are rightly regarded as taboo such as racism and sexism would be the selling point, with little or no regard  or consideration given to the matter or its consequences.

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• ISBN Number: 978-1-78972-775-3
• Portrait (210mm x 210mm)
• 690 pages with PUR bound finishing
• 350gm Silk full colour Cover with Cover Lamination (Soft Touch "One side")
• 170gm Silk Full Colour Inners
• Typefaces: Acre Medium, North, Mr De Haviland, Cocktail Script

Printed & Bound in England